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Health and Wellness

Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi (Tie-chee) and Qigong (Chee-gong)
are renowned for bringing flexibilty and health to people of all ages.  Qigong is especially gentle for those who are rehabbing or have compromised mobility.

These courses are taught by Tai Chi Master Anthony Wong, who is one of the few Masters outside of China granted the coveted "Ming Shi" title.

Beginning Chen Tai Chi and Qingong starts 1/22
Beginning Chen Tai Chi and Qingong starts 3/26

Intermediate Tai Chi starts 1/22
Intermediate Tai Chi starts 3/26


  Country Line Dance

Learn the fundamentals of fencing, the sport of Kings and Ivy Leagues, with Brian Bacher, who earned his Provost from the Military Masters Program at SJ State and has been teaching for 16 years.

Country Line Dance starts 2/13


 Street Smart Self-Defense

Acquire personal safety and street/environment awareness skills to avoid becoming a victim of vicious attacks.

Street Smart Self-Defense starts 2/22


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