Creative Arts

Watercolor By Any Means Necessary

This class will destroy your preconceived ideas of what you can achieve with watercolor. You will be guided with various techniques to realize your artistic vision.

Instructor Jason Goodwin is a working artist and has taught classes on the Peninsula since 2008.

See Jason's work on the following sites:

Starts 9/9/17 to 11/28/2017


Beginning Guitar I & II & Fretboard Fundamentals

Beginning Guitar I*  9/9-10/21/2017
If you're interested in a beginning class that takes you beyond the "strumming campfire chords approach" read on. Taught by Doug Cameron, this class is for absolute beginners or any guitarist that wants to develop a solid foundation for playing music on the guitar. Students are taught proper guitar techniques, how to read music, musicianship skills, how to practice, and play with others. We have lots of fun and play a variety of folk, blues, classical, and pop music. *Bring a guitar.
Materials Fee: $10 payable to instructor in class.

Beginning Guitar II*  10/28-12/16/2017
This second level class is open to guitarists who have some reading ability and would like to improve on the instrument. Beginning Guitar II, taught by Doug Cameron, picks up where the last class left off and the student moves further up the fretboard to learn basic bar chords and scales, and more advanced techniques that will enable the student to play solo guitar pieces. *Bring a guitar.
Materials Fee: $10 payable to instructor in class.

Fretboard Fundamentals*  9/9-10/21/2017 & 10/28-12/16/2017
This is a continuing class for guitarists who already play and can read music to some degree. You'll develop more techniques, vision of the fretboard (chords/ scales), improvisation, practical theory, musicianship, and apply these skills to a variety of jazz, blues, classical, and rock tunes. Taught by Doug Cameron, this class is perfect for those who have taken Beginning Guitar II or for guitar players who have some music-reading ability. *Bring a guitar.
Materials Fee: $10 payable to instructor in class.


Beginning Music Reading for Instruments & Voice

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument but never had the chance to take lessons, or have tried but failed to learn? You will quickly learn the basic music reading skills needed to play any instrument or to sing.  This class is designed for the complete beginner or for those wanting to brush up on their music reading skills. 

Instructor Carol Faust, a music instructor and performer, has been teaching music for over two decades.
Saturday 9/9/2017- 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM