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Health and Wellness

Tai Chi for Fitness and Well-Being 

 Learn the gentle and graceful movement of the Chen-style Tai Chi that helps you develop strength, balance and coordination; enhance your immune system; and reduce stress. Discover how to practice silk-reeling exercises to promote muscle relaxation and flexibility. Explore Wuji Qigong (standing meditation) to help you cultivate internal energy (qi) and proper body alignment.

These courses are taught by Tai Chi Master Anthony Wong, who is one of the few Masters outside of China granted the coveted "Ming Shi" title.

Beginners - starts January 18March 29, & June 14, 2017
Intermediate - starts January 18, March 29, & June 14, 2017


Fencing-Fitness with a Sword

Learn the impressive Italian fencing techniques characterized by efficiency, speed, mobility and elegant swordplay. Explore the fundamentals of the Italian foil while being challenged in body and mind!

Maestro Paul Scherman, who holds a prestigious Master at Arts certification from the Fencing Master’s Program at San Jose State University, is an author on the science of fencing. He is certified to teach the weapons of foil, saber and epee.

All levels are welcome – from beginners to competitors. Participants must be 14 years or older.

- Starts January 17, 2017 and March 14, 2017

 Street Smart Self-Defense

Prevention is the key to your safety! Acquire personal safety and street/environment awareness skills to avoid becoming a victim of vicious attacks. Gain knowledge and techniques to ward off the most common attacks. Although not a martial art class per se, the training includes effective techniques to deal with wrist grabs, headlocks, chokes, weapon attacks and more. Use the skills you learned to ensure your safety. Greg Shraiman, a martial arts instructor, believes in educating people young and old on safety precautions.


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