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Astronomy - The Magnificent Skies of Spring

Starts March 17th, 2017

This two week course is an introduction to viewing the spring skies as seen from San Mateo and the northern California area. We will be using our Chronos/ Hybrid system consisting of a GOTO Chronos optomechanical star projector and an RSA Cosmos 4K resolution digital video projector to project stars onto our planetarium dome, to show you the night sky. In addition, I will show you how to use your planisphere or Sky Wheel to locate the stars and constellations. Professor Darryl Stanford is an astrophysicist at CSM. Bring a planisphere.*









Jazz from the Hill

Starts January 17th, 2017March 14th, 2017

Have fun and get your toes tapping! Learn about the earliest jazz from King Oliver and Louis Armstrong all the way through the contemporary artists of today. Explore Traditional/Dixieland, Swing, Big Band, Bop, Fusion and the various styles of jazz. Instructor Alisa Clancy is a long-time jazz educator and host of Morning Cup of Jazz on KCSM. You will be entertained by special guests from the jazz world.




Dog Obedience Classes 

Different levels of dog training from
puppy and beginner obedience classes to
agility and competition are offered in
cooperation with the
San Bruno Dog Obedience School.


For more information,
call (650) 583-4044 

Motorcycle Safey Training

Get your license! Improve your riding skills! You must be at least
15 1/2 years old and able to ride a bicycle. Motorcycles and loaner
helmets are provided for field training. 

For more information,
call (877) 888-6268




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